What Are the Main Ingredients in Zhenxi Fruit Juice?

All of the aforementioned factors help tell a story about fruit juice, but when it comes to defining what makes good fruit (apart from looking at trees), we think of quality and blend: Essentially our two biggest markers for both flavor rights, benefits on nutrition. Zhenxi Fresh Juice adheres to the health and pure, using a variety of fresh high-quality fruits as well as its pulp seeds nutrients in every sip will only make you feel more refreshing and healthy. Find the primary ingredients in Zhenxi's fruit juice and other detailed breakdowns here.

Variety of Fruits

The basis of Zhenxi´s juices are, in fact the fruits themselves. The designs include flavor, and the flavors may consist of:

Zhenxi adds oranges as well citrus fruits to her juices and its colourfulfreshness glows the room. Oranges are high in vitamin C so it is always good for spraying on top of a juice or an oil dressing that helps maintain your immunity up! Approximately 250 ml serving of guava juice provides about 60 mg of vitamin C and that is approximately equivalent to two third of daily recommended intake.

Berries: The aforementioned strawberries, blueberries and raspberries are commonly added because of their antioxidant values. Similarly, berries are low in calories and high on fiber which is good for heart health as well digestion.

Tropical and Exotic Fruits: For example, mangoes, passion fruit or guava. The inclusion of these fruits is what helps to imbue Zhenxi juices with a tropical notes while providing huge doses of Vitamins A & C, fiber and essential minerals.

We hand pick the ripened and best quality fruit to put in your box maintain it's natural flavors and benefits.

Natural Sweeteners

Natural sweeteners pave way for healthy flavor in a few Zhenxi fruit juice blends These sweeteners include:

Honey: Often used to sweeten and sour fruits; also has antibacterial properties.

Stevia - this a completely non-caloric sweetener, similar taste as sugar but without causing many levels of additional sugars.

These are selected to satisfy the demand for sugar reduced options but still tryoimaintain some Nutritional integrity in the juices.


Zhenxi juices contain water, which is used to balance out the sugar in the juice and make it a perfect consistency. It helps to offset the strong flavor of the fruits, and also makes it a more hydrating juice. Fast water evaporates to produce the juice which supercedes pure and safe, high standard of safety production is a must for Zhenxi juices with fast filtered(Kongyuan) evaporation.

No Artificial Additives

One thing Zhenxi is proud of are the fact that they do not use any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives within their products. Truspure Botanicals Furthermore, by making the issue to keep your juices absolutely free of chemical compounds and totally herbal Truspure botanicalsother merchandise use any extra something(a further form boasted this stage you intercalate with nearly anything.) out artificial elements however guaranteed vitamins meant an individual benefited from seem similar snack..

Final Thoughts

The composition of the ingredients in Zhenxi fruit juice is sufficient to prove the brand, enough dedication for each quality and health. Zhenxi guarantees both taste and nutrition by choosing the best fruits, natural sweeteners as well as avoiding any additives in every bottle of juice. Whether you are having a berry mix or tropical mango blend, know that those ingredients have come to be in your drink by the process of nature itself.

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